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TVET CDACC Making TVET Relevant to the Youth

There has been a significant increase in enrollment in various TVET institutions countrywide and the adoption of CBET, which is in line with GOK vision of making the TVET sector a catalyst towards achieving industrialization and being a key strategy towards addressing the issue of youth unemployment in Kenya. TVET CDACC has played a significant part in rebranding the TVET sector and creating more awareness on CBET by organizing various sensitization campaigns and media publications that seek to change the attitude towards TVET. The Council has also realized tremendous progress in the CBET implementation program by developing National Occupational Standards in various sectors and their corresponding Curricula.Equipping youth with adequate skills that qualify them for industrial jobs.While the progress has been notable, there is still much to do when it comes to making TVET relevant to the youth through the rebranding of TVET and supporting the students in these organizations. TVET CDACC is focused on making TVET a viable and inclusive option for all the youth, hence contributing to the reform of this particular sub-sector. TVET CDACC has endeavored to change the mindset about technical and vocational careers through strategic communication over time. The Council intends to also focus on sharing the success stories of TVET as an elaborate effort towards changing the mindset of parents, the community and stakeholders concerning training and vocational education.

ICT integration is another area that the organization has concentrated on to ensure TVET is relevant to the youth. TVET CDACC is in the process of streamlining its use of ICT in the training process of trainers as well as access to services by various stakeholders. Some of the specific undertakings include acquiring a learning management system earmarked to enable the Council to offer extensive ICT integrated programs and training on a minimal budget. Furthermore, the Council is continuously working towards enhancing its online platforms so that some of the routine processes, such as registration of trainees, are automated and made more manageable.

CBET is the way to Go!

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