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Digitization of CBET Curricula and Curriculum Support Materials

COVID-19 has not only become a global health disaster but also a global Education disaster.As a result of the pandemic, education has changed radically with the remarkable rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is now being undertaken on digital platforms.This sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe indicates that online learning adoption will continue to persist post-pandemic.

To conform to the current trends and technologies, we have initiated the process of digitalizing Competency Based Curriculum and Curriculum support materials to ensure trainees have attained ample knowledge, skills, and attitude needed for available jobs.

Progressively, the Council is looking forward to further partnerships to develop innovative ways of disseminating training to the trainees to prepare them to compete in an educationally progressive world adequately.

CBET is performance and standards based and related to realistic workplace practices.

All TVET Institutions should implement CBET.

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