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Mrs. Loice Chelagat Kutoh

Mrs. Loice Chelagat Kutoh is an esteemed educational leader and currently serves as the principal of the Rift Valley Technical and Training Institute. With a passion for education and a commitment to excellence, she has made significant contributions to the institute’s growth and development.She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Egerton University and is a highly accomplished TVET expert who has made significant contributions in her field of expertise. Mrs. Loice has an extensive work experience, having served as the Principal Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) from Sep 2020- Dec 2021 and the Principal Aldai Technical Training Institute (Atti) from Sep 2019-Aug 2020.
During her tenure as an administrator, Loice Chelagat Kutoh demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a keen understanding of educational policies. Her achievements in improving student performance and implementing innovative teaching methods are outstanding.
Loice Chelagat Kutoh’s dedication to educational excellence and her relentless pursuit of quality education have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and peers. Her vision, leadership, and commitment have positioned the Rift Valley Technical and Training Institute as a leading institution in technical and vocational education in the region.
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