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The Council accredits curriculum developers, assessors, verifiers and assessment centers. Curriculum developers These are individuals accredited by the Council to develop curricula in various trades. Procedure for accreditation of Curriculum Developers Application to Council in the prescribed format i.e. by filling form TCDACC/APP/1. Suitability interview. Data capture in the Council’s register. Issuance of accreditation certificate to […]
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Curriculum Development

The Council is mandated to undertake design and development of competency-based curriculum for TVET. This entails: Coordinating the development of competency based curriculum Identifying and appointing Sector Skills Advisory Committees (SSACs) Overseing evaluation of curriculum and support materials for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Approving proposals for application for development of competency based curriculum […]
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Competence Assessment

It is the process of collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competence has been achieved. It confirms that an individual can perform to the standard expected in the workplace. A variety of methods are used including but not limited to portfolios, projects, role play and written examinations. The Council has established the following mechanisms […]
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The Council awards two types of certificates to competent individuals: Certificate of competence is awarded upon demonstrated competence in a Unit of Competence in a skill area. National certificate is awarded upon demonstrated competence in all Units of Competence in a skill area. The qualifications levels are determined by the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQA). […]
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